Entice your loving bro living in Abu Dhabi with the latest Rakhi Gifts on this Raksha Bandhan

It is beyond any contradiction that the festival of Raksha Bandhan is popular in many parts of the world as a venerable tradition. Especially, in nations of the Middle East like UAE, it is highly regarded with admiration and honor. Every year, NRIs residing in UAE observe this festival with live celebration and fanfare. If you are missing your affectionate bro who is living in Abu Dhabi, you must Send Rakhi to Abu Dhabi (www.rakhibazaar.com/rakhi-to-abu-dhabi-232.html) with other exciting gifts to make him happier than ever.

If your dearest brother has been living in a distant country, such as UAE since a long time, his sweet and jovial memories are sure to reverberate inevitably to your mind. You are going to miss him a lot especially during a special occasion or festival like Raksha Bandhan. Like every year, you must be obviously craving for your dear brother’s presence during this year’s Raksha Bandhan. However, you can relive the fond moments of your childhood by sending the exclusive Rakhi combos such as Rakhi with Chocolates, sweets or dry fruits to your bro, thanks to plethora of gifting options that every Online Rakhi store has to offer these days.

So, this year send Rakhi to Abu Dhabi with the exciting gifts, some of which have been mentioned below:

Dark fantasy Combo of Rakhi and Chocolates:

If your bro is among those who are fanatically crazy for the Dark Chocolates, you must treat him with such an enticing combo. These specially designed mouth-watering handmade Chocolates are something that will make your bro dribble at first sight. This is one of the most sought after combo of Rakhi with Chocolates in the wide array. With this, you can send two colorful Designer Beaded Rakhis.

Royal treats for your brother in designer mugs:

For a brother who is a die-hard enthusiast of traditional Indian art, this can make for a perfect present. This year, send Rakhi to Dubai with a hamper of his favorite selected dry fruits packed in specially designed coffee mugs featuring the famous Rajasthan royal artwork. If your plan is to surprise your doting Bhaiya and Bhabhi living in Dubai, you must send them this lovely hamper with the royal Lumba set along with selected cashews and almonds in the mugs to celebrate this festival.

Send Rakhi to Abu Dhabi with a Boat full of Love:

Sound a little bit quirky, isn’t it? But that is the real surprise. Well, you must have sent Rakhi with dry fruits many times to your brother in Abu Dhabi. This time you must Send Rakhi to Abu Dhabi with his favorite dry fruits daze packed in a beautiful basket shaped as a boat. This will truly daze him with your imagination and creativity. You can send Red and green beaded Rakhi or a beautiful peacock Rakhi.

Evil Eye Bracelet Rakhi:

Indubitably, you must be constantly wishing for the fortuity of your brother. Nothing can better express your sincere love for brother then an artistically designed Rakhi which has a Persian eye locket in it that will keep your bro away from every evil eye. With that, the small and elegant chandan beads add to the modishness of the Rakhi.

These are few exciting Rakhi gifts and combos that can enliven your brother’s mood. For finding more such alluring options, you must visit Rakhibazaar.com, the most recognized Online Rakhi store that offers wide range of Rakhi gifts and combos. Here, you can avail customized delivery services to send Rakhi to Abu Dhabi.


Make your bro in Dubai Happier than Ever with these Attractive Rakhi Gifts

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is an integral part of Indian culture. Commemorating the hallowed bond of a brother and sister, it has made our culture unparalleled in the world. There are many families where the siblings are unable to meet each other due to cast geographical distances. If your brother is living in Dubai, you must send Rakhi to Dubai this year via the efficient Worldwide Rakhi delivery to your doting bro.


Raksha Bandhan is a festivity that commemorates the most beautiful relationship of the world that of a brother and sister. On this auspicious day sisters tie a beautifully crafted Rakhi on the wrist of their brother and request their brother with the deepest love and care to protect them. Sisters while performing the religious rituals of the ceremony also pray for their brother’s good healthy, happiness and prosperity. Brothers in exchange of this gesture promise unconditional love and also shower lovely presents to dear sisters.

This year there is a vast range of Rakhi gifts (www.rakhibazaar.com/rakhi-gifts-99.html) to explore. Here are few exciting options for your bro that can make him happier than ever:

Cashews and Rakhi Combo:

Indubitably, every sister wishes her brother to have a long, contented and prosperous life by tying the Rakhi thread on the day of Raksha Bandhan. If your brother is fond of cashews, you must send this stunning combo of Cashews and Rakhi Combo to make him happier than ever. You can select silver Rakhi to send with this combo.

Personalized Gifts for your dearest bro:

Personalized Gifts always leave permanent mark in the receiver’s heart, since they show that you have not only devoted the time and effort to have them customized, you have fervently thought about the best way to convey your emotions to him. Photo gifts such as Personalized Photo frames are the most popular choice. Other choices include with t-shirts, coffee and tea mugs, Photo diaries, photo albums, collages and prints that feature images of you and your brother.

Box full of Healthy Dry fruits:

No bond in this world can be as pious as the bond that brothers and sisters share with one another. To convey the utmost love to your bro in thoughtful way, you must send a hamper filled with dry fruits to convey your consideration to him.

These are few amazing Rakhi gift ideas for this Raksha Bandhan occasion. You can find other exciting ideas on the most recognized online Rakhi gifting portal Rakhibazaar.com. Here you can avail flexible and customized Rakhi delivery services so that your gifts are sent on time with least operational costs. The vast network of the portal ensures time delivery of gifts to remotest cities of India.

Send Rakhi Thali Abroad from India

Needless to say, Indian festivals are all about rituals and traditions. In addition, Raksha Bandhan is not different. Raksha Bandhan also starts with the morning ritual of praying. Both brothers and sisters pray for each other’s well-being and long life.

Rakhi marks the celebration of the beautiful bond that a brother shares with his sister. It is a day that they look forward too. Gone are the days when you had to search in different brick-and-mortar stores for the most beautiful rakhis. You now can buy Rakhi online from our store and even send rakhi to other parts of the world.


Rakhi Thalis – The Choices You Have
Whether you want to buy a rakhi with pooja thali for your brother here, or you want to send a proper rakhi thali abroad, you are at the right place.
We offer different kinds of Rakhi thalis and you have loads of varieties to choose from. There are certain things that Rakhi pooja thalis should surely have. They are:
• A rakhi (of course)
• Sweets
• Essentials for the tika rituals
• Gift
The rakhi thalis offered by us have all of these and you can choose the rakhi, sweets, and the gift yourself. Meaning, you have the option to customise the thali as well. Some people even send dry fruits and that is another option you have.
We offer beautifully decorated pooja thalis for both domestic and international delivery, to make your brother feel at home, regardless of where he is.

Let’s look at some of the varieties we have:

Shree Rakhi Thali
The thali has a ‘shree’ on top and the thali consists of two rakhis, a coconut, two containers with tikka and kumkum essentials. It comes with a free silver coin and this thali is available for international delivery.

Pyar for Bhaiya Bhabhi
Show your love to your brother and sister-in-law with this thali. This thali looks beautiful and has a small idol of the Ganesh ji on top. It consists of a set of designer Lumba rakhis along with roli and chawal. The thali is beautifully decorated as well.


Fancy Rakhi Thali
If you are looking for a simple yet cute option, then you can consider the fancy rakhi combo. The designer thali is red, yellow, and green in colour and is heavily embellished. It consists of two simple beaded rakhis and the tikka essentials. This is available for domestic delivery.

Silver Thali
A perfect gift for your brother, this thali is another great option that you have. The thali has two bowls on top and a tumbler. It comes with two rakhis and roli tikka. You can send rakhi to Canada from India and this thali too.

There are several other thali options in our store.

Gifts to Send
Along with a thali, it is important that you can send gifts as well. Some of the options that we have in our store are chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, pure ghee sweets, perfumes, and accessories. Even brothers can look for attractive gift options for their sisters in our store.

Choices are many when you shop here. We offer only quality products and you can trust us when it comes to both domestic and international deliveries. We have our executives in different parts of the world and they ensure timely deliveries in every country, we offer service to.

Rejoice this Raksha Bandhan by Reliving your Childhood Once Again!

We all should be thankful to our parents who just give us the best companion of the world as brother and sister. With every passing day, in the search of better opportunity and lifestyle, everyone is parted away and live in different countries and states to make their dreams come true. If your brother and sister are living in USA, this Raksha Bandhan, send a delightful gift of love to them with the help of online portals that allows us to send Rakhi to USA from India and vice-versa.


When a little sister or brother comes into our life, we do not realize how delightful it is going to be, but as the time passes, we realizes that there is no such priceless bond than the relationship shared between brother and sister. There must have been many naughty and beautiful memories of your childhood that you want to relive on this Raksha Bandhan. To strengthen your bond it’s really necessary to memorize each and every striking moment you both spent together.

So, here are a few funny childhood activities every brother and sister must have done when they were kids:

Funny Name-calling

Remember from how many funny and weird names we used to label our brother and sister by? From childhood to the present time, you both have been calling each other from different names whether it is for looks, dressing, body and many more. There must have been some top secret names that only both of you know and whenever you recall these names, a pleasant smile comes to your Sister’s/brother’s face. So, why not make this Rakhi festival full of humour and laughs by personalize your Rakhi thread and gifts with weird names you both keep calling to each other.

Cycling Together

Remember the pleasant and joyous smile on our face when we got our first bicycle, as that day was one of the most unforgettable days of our lives. Most of us must have learnt cycling with the help of our elder brother and sister. It’s the love of our beloved siblings that made us strong to ride bicycle by our own and gave us many soft touches to heal every wound whenever we got hurt while practicing. On this Raksha Bandhan, go on a cycle ride and memorize all the things you both do together while cycling.

Ringing Bell and Running

Everyone must have tried this house bell ringing and running practice in their childhood. You two have also some memories like this, so why not relive this moment again on this Raksha Bandhan by ringing a bell of any house and running fast. You both will surely enjoy this process that eventually makes your relationship stronger than before.

Playing Video Games

Play station is one of the favourite destinations of every child; we also use to love playing in a play station during our childhood that gave us lots of beautiful memories to make us smile every time we memorize the enjoyment. When we relate the bond shared by brother and sister to video games, then in most of the houses, brothers take this thing as their private property and sisters are waiting for their chance to come. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by playing video games with your sister and remember all the silly fights and complains you both use to do while playing.

Having each other’s Support

Whether it was a school time fights with classmates and office time rivalry with colleagues, your brother and sister always helped and saved you from all the fights and complaints. Rejoice these sweet and humble memories on this Raksha Bandhan, by giving a simple yet adorable thank you note for every moment when you both supported each other.

So, these are the best memories of your childhood, you both must want to refresh and relive these things again and again. Follow these ideas and make this Raksha Bandhan a delightful one. To buy more online designer Rakhi and online Rakhi gifts for both brother and sister, kindly log on to www.rakhibazaar.com, an online portal that provides the wide range of Rakhis and gift hampers with best delivery service in all over India.

Send Rakhi to UK from the USA through Rakhi Bazaar

Rakhi is an important Indian festival and it is only celebrated in India but also in other countries where Indians live.

send rakhi to UK from USA

It is a festival that celebrates the love, bond, and respects that brothers and sisters share. The relationship between brothers and sisters cannot be explained in words and it is one of the most beautiful relationships out there. This is probably the only relationship that goes through all emotions starting from love, anger to hate, and care. Brothers and sisters even fight (like literally) over petty things like the TV remote. However, at the end, they both know that apart from their parents, if there is somebody in a world they can trust, it is their sibling.

Importance of Rakhi

Rakhi is important for not only sisters but brothers too. Sisters tie a rakhi around the wrist of their brothers and brothers take a vow to protect them from any danger. Sweets and gifts are exchanged as well.

In most people’s lives, Rakhi is associated with fond memories of their childhood. Things tone down a bit as they grow up due to many reasons. Professional commitments force all these to take a back seat. At the same time, many people shift to other countries in the lookout for better job opportunities. Women get married and shift to other cities and countries as well.

However, distance should not be the reason that should stop you from celebrating such an auspicious occasion. While it is next to impossible to travel between countries on the occasion of Rakhi, there are many ways by which you can celebrate it virtually. And, here by virtually, we do not mean Skype. Let’s look how.

Celebrate Rakhi with Rakhi Bazaar

Here at Rakhi Bazaar, we send rakhi to UK from USA and to many other countries of the world. Though we are located in India, we offer services to different countries of the world like UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, and Ireland to name only a few.

We offer services from other countries too. We offer online rakhi and there is a huge variety to choose from. Our store offers you the latest collection of the trendiest rakhis in the market — from pearl rakhis to designer rakhis, we have all.

Apart from that, we also have rakhi gifts that you can send to your brother. Rakhi with dry fruits, rakhi with cakes, and rakhi with chocolates is only some of the options we have.

Even brothers can send rakhi gifts to their sisters through us. If sisters are going through so much to make rakhi special for you, even you need to do the same for her.

Some of the options you have are chocolates, watches, jewellery, accessories, and perfumes. We have gift hampers too that you can give to your sister.

Here, at Rakhi Bazaar, we understand how special Rakhi is for brothers and sisters. You now can order rakhi and rakhi gifts (www.rakhibazaar.com/rakhi-gifts-99.html)from the comforts of your home. Whether you are located in India or anywhere else, you can place an order with us and we would do the needful. We ensure quality products and quality services at affordable rates. Make sure to place your order early, as we believe in timely delivery. You probably would not want your brother to get the rakhi after 7th August…right?

Want to Modernize your Rakhi Thali? Here’re 5 Helpful Tips!

Rakhi is the day of celebration, good food and the day of blending love in the relations. The main motto behind celebrating this festival on such a big platform is to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. Everyone want to present best Rakhi gifts to their brothers/sisters, as Raksha Bandhan is all about traditions and fancy Rakhi threads and Rakhi gifts.

Like gifts, Rakhi Thali is also of great importance in celebrating the festival in a very auspicious way. If both you and your brother love to decorate things then this blog has something special for you as it informs on how to make this festival more beautiful. It’s going to inform on things such as designer thali, sweets, chocolates and many more. You might have brought readymade thali for the decoration purpose, but there are many other ways through which one can easily embellish this festival with joy and happiness. Here are the few tips:


Personalized Rakhi

Rakhi is the most important thing which is in the Rakhi thali, so why not make it memorable by personalizing the Rakhi thread with photographs of your brother. This is going to be the best Rakhi gift for your brother and will also helps in enhancing the beauty of Rakhi thali. You can also take the idea of name engraving on the Rakhi, if you don’t have any photographs of your brother. Especially when your little brother sees his name and photo on the Rakhi, he will get highly enthusiastic.

Give Traditional Look with Banana Leaf

Banana leaf is considered as most sacred leaf widely used during any festive and puja occasion. You can also decorate your Raksha Bandhan thali with banana leaves, as it not only gives traditional and beautiful look to the plate, but also give a religious belief and feeling of spirituality in your heart. Put roli and chawal on the leaf with favorite sweets of your brother. If you cannot find original leaf, choose an artificial one for just adding a traditional look to the thali.

Decorate with Dry Fruits and Sweets


Dry fruits and sweets are also the important part of Rakhi thali decoration. This is simple idea, but you can make it really creative by using different shapes of sweets and dry fruits. You can do circular shape, semi circular or rectangle one, but always remember that whatever design you choose, it should compliment your thali decoration. Through this, you can simply add a sweet essence to your Rakhi Thali.

Personalized Rakhi Thali


If you are of organized nature, you must want everything of yours to look beautiful and praise-worthy. So, why not continue this nature of yours in Rakhi festival also. A beautiful decoration of Rakhi thali is what every sister wants to do on this day. You can easily make your brother happy by personalizing his photo on Rakhi thali or you can simply make his caricature and stick it on the plate so that he will feel special and realize your love for him.

So, these are some of the prominent ways by which you can give traditional or fancy look to your Rakhi thali. These ways empower you with your own creativity on embellishing your Rakhi thali in the best possible way. So, on this Raksha Bandhan surprise your brother with personalized thali decoration. To get more ideas about Rakhi decoration and to buy best Rakhi gifts and Rakhi online, you can log on to http://www.rakhibazaar.com, a reputed online portal that provides with the best quality and Range of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. Also, this portal provides express Rakhi delivery in Gurgaon, Delhi and any nearby cities to Delhi.

Return Gift Options for Your Sister This Rakhi

The festival of Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the heart of every brother and sister. Whether you stay in Australia, Dubai, US, or any of the Indian states, Rakhi is one such festival that is sure to warm your heart. On the occasion of fraternal love and bonding, rakhi gift stores online lets you connect to your family and narrow the distance. A plethora of gifting options available in the online stores lets you choose among designer rakhis, gift hampers that may be sent across. Since your sister did not leave any stone unturned in making you feel special, it is now your turn to make her feel loved. There are plenty of gifting options when it comes to gifts for sisters.


An instant glow on your sister’s face is confirmed with the online rakhi gifts. In fact, rakhi is one such occasion that reinforces the bond of siblinghood and bestows brothers and sisters with treasure trove of cherished and sweet memories. Now, bring a million dollar smile on your sister’s face by choosing excellent return gifts for her. Sisters can also buy rakhi online along with gift hampers to be delivered on the same day.

Unique Gift Items for Elder Sisters


Sisters expect to get a pleasant surprise from their darling brothers on rakhi. At the online stores, you would find an amazing collection of unique gifts, specifically meant for this auspicious occasion. From the avalanche of categories, one can choose the sweets, chocolates, cakes, flowers, cosmetics, artificial jewellery, hand bags, personalized gifts like coffee mugs, photo frames, style accessories, fragrances, gadget accessories.

Gift Items for Younger Sisters


Your little sister has played the role of best friend at some point of time. She has kept your secrets. Now, it is your turn to make her feel special. Send her a beautiful teddy bear and complement that with her favourite chocolate. To make her feel extra special, send her a beautiful dress. Check out the delightful and exciting collection of gifts exclusively for younger sisters at Rakhi Bazaar. It caters rakhi gifts for sisters and delivers your chosen items on the same day.

Personalized Gifts for Your Sisters


Preparations for Raksha Bandhan are going on in full force. Brothers and sisters can be seen placing orders for gifts and rakhis. To revive and strengthen the sweet bond of siblinghood, send your sister a beautiful painting, coffee mug, an art work, a wind chime or any other thing. If your sister has sent you a mauli rakhi, then you can send her calligraphy set to take her skills to the next level.

Choose rakhi online from Rakhi Bazaar to send exciting gifts to your sister. And the sisters can also opt for designer rakhis, mauli rakhi, pearl and gold plated rakhis for their brother. Rakhi Bazaar is the leading online gift shop harbouring plethora of gifts for your sister like clutches, handbags, accessories, perfumes, coffee mugs, key chains, apparels, etc. Make your choices now and enjoy the same day delivery, free shipping on minimum orders.